Don’t believe in trends. Exceptional style is eternal.

You say it best.

So this page is dedicated to you.

Grazie AOX for the sweet shades, a perfect fit & the custom engraving is a lovely touch!

Christiana - New York

I’m obsessed with these sunglasses! The packaging is awesome, they come with a really practical case which will be easy to carry in a deeper pocket or any bag

Bianca - London

It's solid, feels extremely durable. The fit, best I have had in years. I always have an issue with sun glasses sliding down, not these. They are snug but not tight. I'm so happy.

Craig - Long Island

I've barely taken them off since I got these. They fit my face perfectly (most fall down my nose), the quality is better than I imagined and they go with everything!

Alicia - New York

These are my new go-to sunglasses. They are the perfect shape - not too big, not too small. Highly recommend.

Emily - Greensboro

Thrilled! From the packaging to the case to the shape to the lenses to the quality...these are the perfect sunglasses! Clearly high quality and expert craftsmanship.

Tracy - New York

These glasses are amazing. The beauty of it all is undeniable. From the quality craftsmanship to the sturdy materials to the exceptional lenses...I’m in love!! The design of these frames is what attracted me to them, but the blue tortoise and the lenses exceeded my expectations

I love my Caruso! They are light, durable, yet stylish and elegant; and authentically made in Italy! They even put my initials in them!

Thank you for an awesome product!! Count me in as a life long customer, I’ve gotten many compliments on my glasses.

Thank you.