Don’t believe in trends. Exceptional style is eternal.

Why do we make eyewear

The modern eyewear marketplace focuses on fast trends and premium mark-ups with no purpose, so we looked to our roots to find inspiration for a better eyewear brand that contributed to a better world and allow us to honor the traditional values of Italian craftsmanship, especially from hometown, Sorrento.

We execute over 50 steps to create your glasses from scratch. We source the raw materials of the highest grade and handcraft each pair in our workshop, we do not use third-party.

From our sustainable cotton-derived acetate, offering superior strength and richness of color, to our hand-embedded wire cores and multiple barrel hinges, our materials and processes create a balanced, comfortable and beautifully unique pair of eyewear with unparalleled durability that's made to last.

By designing and producing "in-house" while delivering direct to your doorstep, we cut out the excessive costs usually incurred by regular industrial practices. This means our eyewear comes straight from the hands of our artisans to you at a fraction of the cost.

A Vision for the Future

We pride ourselves on recycling all unused materials into our next production batches, so no leftover supplies are needlessly wasted. This spurs our unique creative process by introducing new and up-cycled colors, shapes and styles to our eyewear lines.

But that's not enough. We also invest in people by passing our techniques down to younger generations within our tight-knit Italian community, thus building concrete opportunities for growth in a fair and ethical workforce.

Ultimately, our goal is to lead change away from wasteful mass production. We want to keep the age-old art of handcrafting goods alive.

Our heritage is important to us and as a multi-cultural workplace, we value diversity, progress and meaningful solutions in the retail industry.

Do Good

We have partnered with CarbonClick, a platform that helps you offset your carbon footprint by adding as little as $2 to your purchase. This goes directly to sustainability programs, like forest regeneration, conservation and biodiversity projects. Shop now