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Most popular styles for men

Popular Men’s Eyeglass Styles: Round and Square

Whether you wear eyeglasses for blue-light blocking, prescription, or to make a fashion statement (as you should!), picking frames that suit your face shape is crucial. And when men choose an eyeglass style that flatters their face, their frames are not only functional, but fashionable too! 

When picking your eyeglass style, it’s important to understand what frame features and shapes work best with your bone structure - not only for maximum comfort, but for aesthetic purposes as well. 

To help you decide what mens eyeglass style would flatter your face best, we are breaking down the two most popular frame styles: round and square.

Round Glasses for Men

The earliest types of glasses were made with two convex lenses riveted together and did not have temples; they were secured to the face by clamping on the wearer’s nose. Round eyeglass styles are an enduring favorite for many men - and for good reason. This classic eyeglass style is extremely flattering on men’s faces, which tend to be angular and defined with high cheekbones and sculpted jaw lines. The softness of round frames lend a charming and refined look to a man’s face, which perfectly complements all of the lines and angles.

Our Most Popular Round Eyeglass Styles for Men

Whether you want sunglasses or blue light-blocking glasses or a new set of frames for your prescription lenses, here are a few of our most popular round eyeglass frames that can suit either purpose. 

 The Giorgio

 The Vittorio

 Square Glasses for Men

Square frames made their debut as a popular choice for men during the 1950s as wearing glasses became not only a necessity, but a fashion statement. Many movie stars, directors, artists, and celebrities wore them, making them a classic sought-after design that’s flattering to most male faces. 

Square eyeglass styles are incredibly flattering for men due to their bold angles and architectural aesthetic. For men with rounder facial features and less angular bone structure, square frames are an ideal choice. The sharp angles and horned edges create an assertive yet artistic aesthetic that’s equal parts refined and mysterious. 

Our Most Popular Square Eyeglass Styles for Men

If you’re in the market for a new set of frames for prescription lenses, or you need a new pair of fashionable sunglasses or blue light-blocking frames, here are a few of our most popular square eyeglass frames that will suit your needs.

 The Caruso

The Lorenzo 

Most of our frames are available in striking colors and tortoise-shell patterns, so be sure to explore all of our color and style options to find a men’s eyeglass style that suits your unique style. Shop now.