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Handcrafted eyewear

As sustainability becomes a priority for many people, many are moving away from mass-produced glasses and seeking out artisanal handcrafted eyewear instead. As you look further into the idea of handcrafted eyewear, you may be wondering what makes it different. And today, we’re going to break it down for you so you can truly understand the value of handcrafted eyewear. 

The Mass production process

Mass-market frames are produced using a process called injection molding. It begins with the melting of plastic pellets, which are then shot into a mold that creates the shape of a frame. This process also widely used to make many plastic toys. 
Once cooled, it’s immediately assembled without any refinements, and is rarely checked to see if it’s in proper shape. In fact, most mass-produced eyewear never passes through a human hand before it reaches the shelves.
 What you get is a mass-produced, generic piece of eyewear with questionable durability and no attention to detail. The frames are rarely checked to ensure they are flattering to a human face before they are sent to market.

The Handcrafted process

Handcrafted eyewear, on the other hand, is a human-driven process from beginning to end. Each piece of eyewear moves meticulously through a four-phase process.
First, a design is crafted entirely by hand from sketch to prototype.
Then, the production process begins, and the prototype is used to ensure consistency throughout. Each frame is cut from acetate blocks (a strong, plant-based plastic that is hypo-allergenic), and every element from hinge to logo is applied with the delicate attention of a human hand. All leftover materials are then recycled back into the next production batch, creating a no-waste system that’s sustainable and easy on the environment.
When completed, the frame goes into the tumbling phase. Over four days, the frames will undergo smoothing and evening, and varying degrees of polish based on the design. Many designs are even hand polished to ensure flawlessness.
Finally, the frames move into the hands of a highly-trained technician who assembles each piece of eyewear with unparalleled precision. Each product is then measured and compared to the prototype down the millimeter, ensuring that any inconsistencies are identified and refined before shipping.

Our Promise of craftsmanship

Each piece of AOX Eyewear is handcrafted in Sorrento, Italy, using passion and technique that have been passed down through generations in our close-knit Italian community. Throughout the entire production process, we handle everything in-house, from sourcing raw materials right down to delivery at your doorstep.
Our process promises an authentic, beautiful, and genuinely handcrafted piece of eyewear that demonstrates incredible attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship that makes each pair unique in every way. 

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